Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Poop Part II

Do not despair dear readers, the eagle has landed. The poor babe started screaming in pain last night, or maybe she was screaming because she was tired of Diaper Watch 2005, in either case I took her into urgent care where she screamed like "No child of mine will ever do that in a public place". It was awful! She screamed till she turned magenta, then white. She made goat-bleating sounds. She cried so hard that she ceased to make sounds. My toes curled. They took x-rays of the non-pooping little pooper and discovered what I already knew: She was full of poop. several suppositories and tears later she pooped a poop that will forever be remembered. And for those who asked, it was indeed, yellow and seedy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Alright internets.....after consulting with the LC, pediatrician, maintenance guy from husband's work and my mother. It has been decided that my non-pooping baby must poop today. Mostly it is just Davey and I who have declared that she must poop today, the other folks are just nay-poop sayers who are more like "eh, she should probably poop soon." To hell with those so-called people learned in the ways of infant poop (maintenance guy excluded). We are experts. We are first time parents obsessed with our childs bowels to the point that we call each other on the hour for the poop update. We have drawn up a map to outline the plan of attack. All I can tell you is that it involves KY, Q-tips and a trip to the dollar store. Will keep you updated on Operation Poop On Pop as soon as we have them.

Monday, August 29, 2005

it's all a blur

Wow! Time is just flying by....each day faster it seems. We are settling into a routine, Goldie and me. I find that even though I have no set agenda each day, it is full of snuggling, feeding, errands etc. I haven't even turned on the tv! I am so looking forward to the day I can just stay at home as a way of life. This is the best time of my life.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dive into my pool....

of milk that is! So, I love to nurse my baby, it is one of the highlights of my day. What I do not like, is the heavy leaky nature of my breasts. I rebelled against sleeping in a bra and unfortunately woke up in a pool of my own milk. It was really bad internets. I mean, the dog is still rolling in it:)

In other news..., my baby slept for NINE Hours last night....did I already mention that? Nein nein, frauline!

Also, she hasn't pooped since Monday. Yowza.

Sweet Baby James

Do you know how much I love James Taylor? The concert was AWESOME! We were like 15 rows back, center grooving to the sweet melodies. My husband is so wonderful to do this for me. It was like old times, just us. But it was so strange how much we missed the babe. And what a fabulous child I have! One month old and she slept 9 count'em 9 hours last night. I am so in love with her. I guess I won't sell her on ebay after all......:)

Friday, August 26, 2005


Since I can discuss with you internets things I cannot with my offline peeps, I will share the shameful fact that I am now fat. I was chubby before the baby, but with an extra 20 lbs on me post baby, I have crossed the line into fat. I hate it. I can't even go on a hardcore diet because I want to continue breastfeeding. I have been getting some exercise and eating better, but women in my family traditionally do not lose baby weight while breastfeeding regardless of what they do. What can I say? We would be darwinian champions in paleolithic times. In the 2000's however, I am just a fatty fatty boombalati. And I hate it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Down wit' the LC

So the babes had some issues with getting her suck on at first so we went in to kick it wit' the LC (lactation consultant) who hooked us up with the nipple shield. Now this little piece of plastic has saved our lives, so I don't mean any disrespect to the nipple shield , but I must admit that it offends my inner hippie to have to use an implement to get my kid to feed.

So, we went back to the LC to try to get her back to the sweet teat, but to no avail. She wants that damned shield. Oh well, I guess as long as she's eating and it's breastmilk right? I will say that the only apparatus that I won't give up for my inner hippie is this. I never knew how important it was to get my tootsies lifted to get the pillow situated just right. Oh, did I mention that we have made it 4 weeks with only breastmilk? Hurray!!
Nice to know that I am not the only Nap Nazi

Delivery Room Pics

The making of a family

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Am I going to jail?

Stroke of brilliance

I am a genius. The babe has decided to only sleep in her sling during the day, which is great for her, but not so great for mama's back. Every time I take her out of the sling to lay her down she crys, but will sleep great in the sling. My back was hurting so bad I didn't know what else to do, so I hung the sling on the hooks where we hang the not-so-dirty clothes. With her in it. Am I going to jail?

Today Goldie is 4 weeks old. Unbelievable how everything in my life has changed so much in just 4 weeks! Today is also day 2 without baby daddy home, can't believe those bastards made him go back to work, I mean, can't they just keep sending money without him actually having to go to W O R K? Sheesh.

I have discovered in these 2 days alone with her that I am a totally unfit mother. Yesterday was ROUGH. She did not want to sleep all day, unusual considering that she has only been awake for like 10 seconds of her whole life and that was just to take a look and her parents and decide we aren't worth wasting time that she could be sleeping. So anyway, yesterday she was awake and I didn't know what to do with her. I spent the whole day trying to get her to sleep so I could go about my day. I neglected to notice, however, that the weather turned and while I had put on a long sleeved shirt for me, I left the poor kid in a onesie all day. Thank goodness Davey noticed last night when he got home that I was complaining about the babycicle that wouldn't stop crying. I think child welfare is coming to get me.

In non baby related news adorable husband bought me great tickets to see James Taylor Friday night. I almost wet my pants. I' m gonna groove to the soft rock rythems like I'm 59 years old. I am always the youngest fool at all middle-aged concerts. Bob Seger, Steve Miller, you name it. If they have released more than5

Friday, August 19, 2005

Gratuitous Baby Pics

I could just eat her up with a spoon

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day and Night Confusion

Idaho was awesome, Davey has such a great family and they always treat me like a princess. Unfortunately my little bundle of joy became a late-night bundle of screaming terror for two nights at the comfort in. I can't really blame her, except, well, I blame her. Call the sleep deprivation police. In her defense she did sleep great for the 7 hour drive, and decided to shake off her 3 week new baby coma in a very cute cuddley fashion. But, all I can say is...WHY? Why must she reveal her adorable blue peepers and tendency to stare sweetly and coo in the middle of the night. All. Night. Long. Davey was so exhausted that he excused himself from the dinner party we hosted while I was so delirious that when asked when I was going to serve dinner I invited my friends to "go ahead and rip apart the chicken with your bare hands, I am not getting up from this chair."

So I have let the man sleep for 4 hours straight, I think I will relieve him of his slumber now and spend quality time with the bundle of insomnia. night night all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


That's right, and I da' pimp, now get back to work.....:) See you all Thursday, must introduce the babe to her other grandparents.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

2.5 weeks and a year

The girl all drunk with mother's milky goodness running down her face......

Well today is our one year anniversary. So much has happened in such a short time. What a strange, wonderful ride it has been. I love my husband more every day, at this moment he is making me breakfast (like does every day) and keeping an eye on Goldie. Loving him.

Goldie is 2.5 weeks old and continues to amaze me. I love the way she opens her mouth and roots on my neck with her little soft lips and sighs when she sleeps. I love the way she smells after a bath and how the milk runs down her chin after she feeds. Her little head is so small and sweet, and her hair so soft. Her little gassy smiles light up my day and I can't wait until she is big enough to give me real ones. This little girl melts my heart. I love her so.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The kid who hates the pacifier and froths at the mouth with rage at the mere suggestion, finds a nipple substitute......

Sunday, August 07, 2005

So I still don't have too much in the way of witty banter to post on the blog. Most of my day is spent staring at my child trying to imagine how she ever fit in my body and if said body will ever not be jiggly like the jello. We are so in love with this girl. It was blazing hot here in P-town so we packed it up and went to the beach Friday night. It was great to lower our core temps and change scenes.

Sleeping is a bit easier now, Goldie goes down for about 2.5-3.5 hours and then I sleep, wake and feed her and repeat. I feed her at about 1 or 2 am, then Davey gives her the pumped milk about 5 am or so, so I am getting a fair amount of sleep all things considered. That makes me feel much better. Maybe when the exhaustion is fully gone I will have something besides breastmilk to discuss. Hang in there readers, I'll be back to my old self soon.....

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Today may be one of the best days ever. After much despair over feeding the babe, we went to a different, much better lactation consultant. She told us that Goldie is old enough to know when she is hungry, and if she is asleep...don't wake her up!! This means one simple thing....WE ARE ALL GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT!!! I almost kissed the consultant on the mouth!!! Mypoor exhausted baby can get the rest that she needs! This mom gig is sweet, think
i want 10 more!

Loca for Lochia

Greetings from the postpartum world! For the uninitiated, lochia is the baby goo that comes out for about 6 weeks after birth. The nice folks at the hospital said that it would stop being bright red and slow down within a week. They lied. I am a nasty bloody mess. Nothing like wearing the ultra long with wings in 100 degree heat. Let me say how much I really love being a mama, next let me say that who knew that he the entire world revolve around my nipples after the baby was born? This is crazy. Finger Feeding is going well, but she only nurses (like a champ I must say) when she feels like it (about 5 times a day) I think this is really going to hurt the process in the end, but we have to get food into her so I am so frustrated! Going to call and make the lactation consultant see me today and give me the 411 why sometimes my kid could suck chrome off a bumper at the breast, and sometimes just lays there and screams until daddy gives her the finger. Also, we totally slept through her 1 am feeding. I think the food police will be here soon to take us away.

In non-nipple related, I guess there is no non-nipple related news. Oh well, maybe something will happen later on to redeem this post. Out

Monday, August 01, 2005

Davey's Manary Gland

So we thought we were doing everything right, Goldie is eating often, sleeping constantly, and looking adorable. Unfortunately today at our Lactation appointment we found out that she has lost too much weight, is too sleepy and has a touch of jaundice. Also, the kid doesn't poop.
So now we have to wake her every 2 hours on the dot, I feed her for at least 20 minutes, then Davey uses his Manary Gland to finger feed her another ounce of breastmilk. The process takes at least an hour So basically when we are not feeding her, he is changing and burping her and I am pumping. I am so hoping that this gets easier, this is hard, not undoable, but difficult. Thank goodness he is home until the 22nd to help. Wish us luck!