Sunday, April 16, 2006

Break on through to the other side.

Well, we officially have a nubbin tooth! Not much fanfare to go with it. I love Easter, spending time with family, showing G how to kick ass and take names at the family egg hunt. I have been so excited because I have a new friend I met at Book Babies. She has a babe about Goldie's age and has been really friendly. It is so weird how much I miss having something in common with my friends. It isn't like I am a different person now that I have entered mamahood, but in many ways I have changed. I had been feeling very alone until I discovered some other Pdx mamas like her and them. Thanks mamas for being so friendly to a newcomer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ready or not...again?

It seems that all over the blogosphere ladies are getting knocked up.....again. I can't believe that Goldie is only 8 months old and I am so ready for another. It is amazing that as much as I felt like I hated EVERY STINKING minute of pregnancy, I find myself wanting to be pregnant more than anything.

The only thing holding me back is 30lbs. I have got to get this weight off before I can get pregnant. Weight Watchers here I come!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Goldie is a great little eater. Once we got the fact that it is necessary to open one's mouth to achieve food insertion squared away, we were good to go. I was being lazy at first, but quickly became ashamed of all the little Gerber jars in the pantry while I am supposed to be staying at home to do things like "save money by making own baby food." Shit. So I packed up the baby and away we went across town to a store that sells premium organic, hand fed, free range, pampered chicken and organic veggies. I was so pleased with myself, purchasing my cruelty free poultry and carrots. I got home and baked all the ingredients, carefully to preserve all the nutrients. I chopped, I pureed, I added bottled water for Christsake. What did Goldie do when I presented her with her lovingly prepared feast? She spit it in my face. Then she spit it in David's. She hates it. Worse, when I did the math it was actually MORE expensive than just feeding her the organic Gerber she hungers for. *shakes head and sighs* Ugggh