Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble

So much to update around here! We are busily getting ready for Thanksgiving...and are also assholes because we thought we had outsmarted everyone by going to the mall early last sat. to pick up some jeans and a Christmas dress for Goldie a week before holiday shopping starts because we are smug pricks and ended up walking into an early bird 2 hour sale at JC penny's that we could not escape. The bargains! They end in 10 minutes! Holy hell.

Also, we found out we are having another girl. We are so freaking happy, I think that this will be the last one because who am I to mess with a perfect pair of little girls. Her name will be Ruby, no special family meaning other than I thought that Goldie and Ruby just sounded good together even though I think I may be condeming them to be spinsters. (are there still spinsters?) Anyway, Ruby is officially half-cooked and my belly looks full grown.

We continue to brave indoor park almost daily because we are remodeling and it is impossible to stay home and play and get naps with people pounding nails into my conscienceness while Goldie thinks that Daddy is hiding from her in the garage. So, we go to indoor park, then to Grandmas for lunch and nap. I don't let her robeez hit the floor over there because she is notorious for fucking up Grandma's house and it drives me batshit crazy to chase her around with a vacuum.