Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Big Girl

Dear Goldie,

I am very late in writing this as your birthday was 7/26, but I don't think you will notice what with all your time being taken up by developmental milestones and all. It has been one year since you came into our lives. You have enriched and changed us in so many wonderful and unexpected ways. I was so afraid that loving you would be difficult, but as it turns out, loving you is more natural than breathing.

You are an incredibly easy baby. Always happy, always smiling. You also love to sleep which is a bonus. When you stir in the morning, I feed you some milk and turn on soft music and we both get some more sleep. Please continue to do this. It makes me so happy to see you discovering the world around you, learning every moment. You can say daddy and doggy and uh-oh! I think you are holding out on saying Mama for some very special moment, or so I delude myself.

Last month you decided that you had enough breast feeding. You had been cutting back for a long time, but finally decided that it was time to let go and get your food elsewhere. I wanted to hold on for awhile longer, but you insisted.

You are learning empathy. Tonight you were playing rough and slapped me in the eye. I held my eye and said "Ouch, that hurt" softly. Your sweet face crumpled up and you looked so sad that you had hurt mama. I was so proud of you G.

We had your birthday party on Sunday and over 60 people came to see you. We decided that you have enough toys and instead people donated school supplies for charity. I always knew you were a generous girl!

This next year will see you through many more changes. You are going to be a big sister. I can't picture loving anyone more than I love you, but I know that our family has room for one more.

I love you baby girl, my sweet punky face. Thank you for making me want to be a better person every day.