Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dropping the Ball

Internet, you are not the only one who is being neglected by me. Get in line.

By the end of October I had the Wage-Stein family calendar packed through the new year. Basically is was to be filled with rushing around from event to church to party to gathering to rehearsal to actual paying job to volunteer work and then say, around December 21st, it would be time for us to cram in as much holiday relaxation and new traditions and quality time and Christmas cards and wine through January. Then there was Snow. A lot of Snow. And ice. And no transportation. And no leaving the house. And no Christmas cards. And no seeing Santa. And EFFING JCPenny's who did not include all of the, you know, PIECES TO THE BARBIE HOUSE AND THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO FIND THIS PARTICULAR EFFING HOUSE AND NOW CHRISTMAS IS EFFING RUINED. And then there was my sentimental husband weeping actual big-man tears of despair at 1am because JC EFFING Penny's has RUINED CHRISTMAS.

I feel like the most giant failure. We finally made it out to Target last night where we discovered that when we were busy not getting out of the house this week, Target was busily not receiving shipments of stuff to, you know, BUY. So thank God we already have one gift for the girls because I found exactly two wooden puzzles, a busted up Candyland game and a bag of off-brand candy to add to the mix. Also, a doll that Ruby was given last year but was too young for and was stashed in my closet so, sorry Roob, I am really happy you have very little long term memory and Merry Christmas because you know that fucker is getting wrapped up. Again. Is that as tacky as it sounds to re-gift something back to the original recipient? Times is hard.

I do have so much to be grateful for. A warm puppy on my feet. Friends to keep me company. Two girls napping. Sweet Potato bread cooling on racks in the kitchen. A husband I can't live without and a family waiting for us to be able to get out so we can be together.

It's really not a total loss after all. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am coming up for air on this rare snowy day to tell you that my children have been secured a place in long term therapy because of the lack of photographic proof that this important holiday season ever happened.

Things we have neglected to bring a camera to this year (so far):

  • Goldie's first holiday school performance
  • Thanksgiving
  • 1st train ride at the zoo
  • 5 birthday parties (and counting)
  • New puppy

Out of fear that they will demand to be emancipated at age 5, I declined Davey's bright idea of cutting out a picture of tree and hanging it on the walls. You're welcome, girls.