Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Have a Disney Day

The WageStein California Extravaganza 2010 has been, to the casual observer, a mixed bag. A giant bag of flaming catastrof&%*. For us, however, we feel triumphant that we have made it throuh a 3 day drive, a kid coming down with pneumonia, LA traffic, and a Disney Monsoon of Rain that was very much lots of downouring buckets of misery that was, did I mention? VERY WET, on our first disneyland day. The aforementioned Monsoon Tragedy has cost us $1000 in ruined rental equipment and an entire day. On the upside, we were pleased to discover we stumbled our sorry butts into Dennys on Free Grand Slam day to drown our sorrows in pancakes. Free pancakes.

Despite everything we are having fun and keeping good attitudes. The girls are awesome and making it a trip to 'memember.

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