Saturday, September 23, 2006

Watch out for Goldie.....

Cause she'll go bipedal on yo ass. Yes, after 14 long months, my girl finally decided that walking might be for her. I think it is mainly because she can hurl her solid little body at dangerous objects whilst carrying other dangerous objects (think heading for stairs with a straw in her mouth, a pen in one hand and a glass in the other). It's been fun watching her get around. She still is mainly on all fours, but little by little each day she walks independently more and more. The first time she did it I started to cry because babies don't walk. Toddlers walk. It is harder to let go than I thought it would be. I am so proud of my big girl.

I continue to be ill and mostly in bed these days. The doc switched me to Zofran which thank God for good insurance because 20 pills would have cost $760 without. Then I got a head cold and it sent me over the edge. I actually ended up sending G to her Godfather's 2 days last week so I could rest, I just couldn't take care of her. Anyway, we are into the 2nd trimester.....hopefully it will be improving.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mother of the year

Life marches on at an incredible pace these days. Morning sickness has settled in with no signs of leaving. I think I am getting worn down by feeling like a pile of shit day after day and it is starting to effect my parenting skills. Poor Goldie girl is so vivacious and full of life I know I am cheating her with my armchair parenting. literally. parenting from the chair where I sit and moan and watch tv and mumble impotent moans of "no, no, don't eat paper," and try not to heave. Just picking her up is nauseating to me. Hopefully just a few more weeks to go.

Davey started his new job yesterday. I am just so happy that his office found him something after eliminating his position. He has to go downtown, which means earlier mornings, but whatever it takes.

Anyway, I am off to drool and moan in my bed alone until naptime is over and I can continue my quest for mother of the year.