Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stroke of brilliance

I am a genius. The babe has decided to only sleep in her sling during the day, which is great for her, but not so great for mama's back. Every time I take her out of the sling to lay her down she crys, but will sleep great in the sling. My back was hurting so bad I didn't know what else to do, so I hung the sling on the hooks where we hang the not-so-dirty clothes. With her in it. Am I going to jail?

Today Goldie is 4 weeks old. Unbelievable how everything in my life has changed so much in just 4 weeks! Today is also day 2 without baby daddy home, can't believe those bastards made him go back to work, I mean, can't they just keep sending money without him actually having to go to W O R K? Sheesh.

I have discovered in these 2 days alone with her that I am a totally unfit mother. Yesterday was ROUGH. She did not want to sleep all day, unusual considering that she has only been awake for like 10 seconds of her whole life and that was just to take a look and her parents and decide we aren't worth wasting time that she could be sleeping. So anyway, yesterday she was awake and I didn't know what to do with her. I spent the whole day trying to get her to sleep so I could go about my day. I neglected to notice, however, that the weather turned and while I had put on a long sleeved shirt for me, I left the poor kid in a onesie all day. Thank goodness Davey noticed last night when he got home that I was complaining about the babycicle that wouldn't stop crying. I think child welfare is coming to get me.

In non baby related news adorable husband bought me great tickets to see James Taylor Friday night. I almost wet my pants. I' m gonna groove to the soft rock rythems like I'm 59 years old. I am always the youngest fool at all middle-aged concerts. Bob Seger, Steve Miller, you name it. If they have released more than5


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Great blog! As an expectant Daddy maybe you can teach me something

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