Thursday, August 04, 2005

Loca for Lochia

Greetings from the postpartum world! For the uninitiated, lochia is the baby goo that comes out for about 6 weeks after birth. The nice folks at the hospital said that it would stop being bright red and slow down within a week. They lied. I am a nasty bloody mess. Nothing like wearing the ultra long with wings in 100 degree heat. Let me say how much I really love being a mama, next let me say that who knew that he the entire world revolve around my nipples after the baby was born? This is crazy. Finger Feeding is going well, but she only nurses (like a champ I must say) when she feels like it (about 5 times a day) I think this is really going to hurt the process in the end, but we have to get food into her so I am so frustrated! Going to call and make the lactation consultant see me today and give me the 411 why sometimes my kid could suck chrome off a bumper at the breast, and sometimes just lays there and screams until daddy gives her the finger. Also, we totally slept through her 1 am feeding. I think the food police will be here soon to take us away.

In non-nipple related, I guess there is no non-nipple related news. Oh well, maybe something will happen later on to redeem this post. Out


Blogger cjoy said...

Can you put the tube on your breast rather than your husband's finger? I'd think it would encourage milk production as well as just general nursing more consistently for a better end result. Just a suggestion...this way, she'd be nursing every time she is hungry, not just 5 times a day. :)

By the way, YOU are a champ, too...this stage is never easy, and you've got double the challenge, I think.

6:10 AM  

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