Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mother of the year

Life marches on at an incredible pace these days. Morning sickness has settled in with no signs of leaving. I think I am getting worn down by feeling like a pile of shit day after day and it is starting to effect my parenting skills. Poor Goldie girl is so vivacious and full of life I know I am cheating her with my armchair parenting. literally. parenting from the chair where I sit and moan and watch tv and mumble impotent moans of "no, no, don't eat paper," and try not to heave. Just picking her up is nauseating to me. Hopefully just a few more weeks to go.

Davey started his new job yesterday. I am just so happy that his office found him something after eliminating his position. He has to go downtown, which means earlier mornings, but whatever it takes.

Anyway, I am off to drool and moan in my bed alone until naptime is over and I can continue my quest for mother of the year.


Blogger K. said...

I couldn't possibly relate to you more. I would say "hang in there, it gets better." But in my case it has not, so I just offer you the purest form of empathy.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

I remember being so sick with LB. That's my biggest fear and what I think is the hardest part (not really comforting, but more like "oh, god, I remember") You're growing a kid and raising one. Girlfriend. That's hard work and you DO get mother of the year!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

saw your name on creaturebug ( i think?) and had to drop a line to a fellow kirsten. you pronounce it keersten, right?
me, too.

hope you feel better soon - morning sickness is the worst. esp. with little ones to chase!

6:05 AM  
Blogger Mama M said...

i hope you are feeling better now. i'm thinking about you! we're due just a couple of days apart - that's crazy! looking forward to seeing you and goldie again soon. hooray for davey's new job!

11:02 PM  

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