Saturday, January 12, 2008


Ahh, Mexico. Being here, wandering through the markets, taking in the smells, sights and tastes of this city make me feel like I´ve come home. The people here treat me like family and so many have taken me into their homes and shared with me their ages old traditions. Tommorow we were invited to load up into the back of a truck for a day of adventure with some friends. We will go to a market in a tiny pueblo and then picnic among the catus and armadillo. Blue skies and sun warming us. With the antibiotics continuing to flow through 3 out of 4 travelers, we should be good.

Been catching the bus a lot to get around. Out of 1000 bus drivers, I keep getting the crazy asshole who makes you jump out of the moving bus and leaves the doors open when you are standing in the doorway waiting to pay while he is weaving in and out of traffic. For a fat girl, I still have some good balance on the bus. Even with a baby on my back. People seem impressed.

Have been showing Mindy the sights and even got her to try Esquite, which is boiled corn in a cup with cheese, lemon, mayonaise and queso fresco. A delicacy bought on the corner for 50 cents. Esquisite indeed. I just sent her to the airport to get her boyfriend who I hope will like it here.

All is well. More than well. All is beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a bit confused. Are you on vacation, or are you making it home for a while?


4:00 PM  
Blogger TanyaP said...

Hi Girls! Sounds like your having fun despite your illness.Wish I was there to give you your shots!No not your tequila shots.Yes maybe those too!ha!ha!We miss you! Have a great time! Love Tan

10:35 PM  

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