Thursday, January 03, 2008

The one where I totally promise to shut up about this already. For Reals.

Just wanted to thank my disturbingly overprotective (and apparently frequently dumped) readers for all of the encouraging emails. The onslaught of caring has made me want to make one final comment on this subject since I have turned into the spokeswoman for My Friends Don't Like Me Anymore Anonymous before I turn this blog into a pity party whose villain really isn't a villain at all, but a lovely, funny, charming person with whom I shared many great years with who just moved on with her life. It's that simple. Not a monster. Just a great girl.

Maybe we should all take a good look at our friends and be a little more grateful. We never know when the season of life is going to change and we ourselves might have to move on for whatever reason. I am woefully guilty of taking people for granted and also of assuming that I don't matter to anyone. But I am sure that my friends would beg to differ.

And if they don't I am totally breaking up with them.


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