Friday, December 28, 2007

Still Here

As I said, Christmas was a great success. Mainly because we didn't have to rush around so I didn't have to listen to my husband complain that I drug him around all day and he's TIYIYIERD. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that my presents included 1 light fixture for the bathroom, bandaids, hand sanitizer and no fewer than 4 bottles of sunblock, presumably to bring with me on my upcoming 3 week jaunt to Mexico. Twas very merry indeed.

Our Christmas was also great because it wasn't one of excess. Goldie got a few gifts, but not so many that her head exploded. Her favorite gift by far, is the duck from Barb who not only sings If You're Happy and You Know it, but also jumps up and down. She is happy and she most definitely knows it. She will not, however, under any circumstances, clap her hands.

The day after Christmas we left G with Godparents and Grandma, loaded up Roob and headed to the beach to celebrate our third year of wedded bliss. How much trouble can a little baby be? We thought. Turns out that she is capable of being quite a lot of trouble and she cried, screamed and coughed her way through croup for two days solid. The closest to adult time we got was screaming Motherfucker, MAKE IT STOP as we passed the baby off to one another. Also, because of the sight and smell of us, The trip shall be known from here on as The Vacation of Questionable Hygiene Practices.


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