Monday, July 11, 2005

More Confessions....

So I have decided to reveal my best pregnancy secret that I am sure will alienate more than a few of the internets. I sleep fairly well at night (well, maybe not great, but compared to what I hear from others, I think I am getting more peaceful rest than many.) My guilty secret is that since I first experienced night sickness for the first 6 months of this journey, the doc told me I could take unisom or benedryl to take the edge off. And I do. Every night. The doc reasured me that my baby won't come out with a third eye or the IQ of a flannel shirt even if I take it every day. Hey, if it works I am all for it, believe me, I am sure this has saved my marriage because dealing with a sort of rested pregnant me has to be 1000x's better than living with an exhausted unhappy pregnant me.


Blogger Mama M said...

Amen :)

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