Friday, July 08, 2005

I've been waiting for a good time to break the news...

Thank God it's Friday and Davey has the day off so we can spend some much wanted time together! We are taking advantage of the day by shopping (hemmoraging yet MORE money) for the baby stuff we still need. Boring stuff like the bathtub, diaper champ type apparatus and little socks (alright, the little socks aren't that boring!) We still need to figure out the bassinet situation, but I think it will work itself out because, and I was wondering how to break the news to you, but, (sigh, deep breath)internet, I do not plan on co-sleeping with my baby. I know this comes as a shock and I hope that it won't affect our relationship, but I don't even plan on having my baby in the (gasp) same room as me to sleep for more than a month.

You see....I have a guilty secret that only my husband knows about. Sometimes, late at night, after a long hard day, I just want to close my door, take off my clothes, and actually sleep! Without worrying about smothering my offspring or listening to their (cute as they may be) coos and sighs. Don't worry, I will leave some breast milk in the fridge for her to get up, heat and have a snack when she's hungry.


Blogger Mama M said...

Egad! How could you not co-sleep?! Just kidding!!! :) I don't co-sleep with my baby, and honestly, even in this town, I don't know many people that do. The only couple I know who did was miserable and had a terrible time trying to get their baby to sleep in her own room later on. But, co-sleeping works really well for many families...just not for ours. We had our babe in a bassinett in our room until he was 3 months old and then he moved quite happily to a crib in his own room and we have been very happy with our situation and our close relationship with our son. Whatever works for you is best. I am sure the Internet will forgive you this one :)

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