Sunday, July 03, 2005


Well I have been threatening to add a post here for a while so why not now? I gotta process some shit today. They found the remains of a 4 year old who had disappeared in our area a couple of days ago. His step-grandmother is suspected of killing him. WHAT COULD A 4 YO DO TO DESERVE THIS? I have always been teetering on being anti-capital punishment but ever since I became baby-daddy I start to see the justification for a heinous mofo so f'ed up to commit an act like that to be eliminated.... PAINFULLY! Take a long time too!

I needed to say that...

Onto more hopeful subjects...We finally got the crib. Hopefully the hole in my backside that the money is falling out of will soon close up, although, I am advised that it won't for several years. It has been a treat (really!) watching the girl nest away...doing laundry like a champ and sorting out the mini(these things are so small) clothes that our generous friends and family have passed along. We are so fortunate. I am going to keep nagging her to sit down most of the day or her feet will turn permanently pillow-sized. I really don't want to hear things like 'honey, my vagina feels like it is bubbling’ or ‘damn the kid is punching my butt hole’. It is a bit unsettling don’t you think? Some of the folks that were at the open house last Saturday called this week to make sure the girl checked in with the mid-wife. Don't piss off the aunties...they will fuck you up! The rest of the weekend will consist of getting the nursery ready, setting up the crib, etc. We will listen to the blues festival on the radio this year. All those out of the area oughta check it out on kboo-fm. This is one of the few years I have missed and will definately take the little one there next year. Mom oughta still be on her post-partum bender by then and ready to party. Despite the occasional rant as was witnessed above I do have to say life is good. More soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I thought my girlfriend was the only one who gives way TMI about what is going on with her body!

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