Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Highlights

Thanksgiving was a huge success. And when I say huge I am talking about the new and improved size of my ass after gorging on extrodinary eats at my in-laws restaurant and several 5lb portions of a sweet potato/banana/pecan/brown sugar with a pound of butter on top casserole that (unfortunately for Davey) will replace marital relations in our house.

The girls did fine, Goldie made playdough with Grandma while Ruby and I passed out at the hotel. Then we went and ate food with Alfredo sauce. That was after the walnut pancakes but before the chicken fried steak. What I am trying to say is that there was a lot of Goddamn food involved.

On our way to one of the meals I was thrilled when my Ipod got old school and we listened to some Sugar Hill Gang. I was rappin' to the beat and also feelin' alright when Goldie announced that "This music! Is JUST AWFUL." Really? That is really something coming from someone who can't remember the lyrics to nursery rhymes and so chants "three blind mice. See how they run. Three blind mice. Three blind mice." ad nauseum. Very interesting. Had I not been in the room I swear I was handed the wrong baby because no child of mine could cast aspersions on Rappers Delight. What's next, Goldie? Are you going to turn on the banana flavored laffy taffy too? You're breaking my heart here.

The way home went fine until it simultaneously got dark and the girls could no longer see their toys and David began obsessively scanning the stereo trying to find the Civil War game. When he was unsuccessful, he made us listen to static. Loudly. For 4 hours. With the children crying, we ended up driving down the freeway with the lights on in the car, singing every song we could think of and then when we ran out of songs we sang them again in a round. It was hard to hear ourselves over the static, but, whatever.


Blogger Blurr said...

Goldie's the kid who is going to want to listen to Classic Rock, Alternative and Folk. At least, if I've taught her anything. :)

No rap.

P.S. I missed you this weekend too!

10:57 PM  

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