Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was this close to curling up in my sleep number bed when I remembered that Dude, it's only day 2 of this gig, this is not NaNoblo-DAY. Get yer ass to the computer and your priorities straight.

As I have made it abundantly clear in recent months, I am worn out. Going from a lifetime of 9 hours of sleep at night to 5 or 6 has put me on the edge of insanity. To help counter this, I have instituted Nap Day. This basically means that after church on Sundays, I eat something carby and delicious and then tell my family: Smell you later, suckers, and go off to sleep for a long time. A very long time. The kids take their nap and then watch football with Dad and work on their clothes folding skills and building their Seriously, Be Quiet or Mama will May you Pay Muscles. Today I awoke at 6 pm ready to take on the world and approximately 50% less like to kill someone. Anyway, Nap Day has made life worth living.

In Battered Baby News, in an unprecedented show of Extreme Bad luck, Ruby managed to split her other lip this afternoon in a particularly wild and spectacularly unsupervised game of indoor tag. Tomorrow is her one day a week at daycare and I am sure she will get extra Halloween leftovers because she looks so sad. That is, assuming the swelling goes down and she can open her mouth again.

Also? I still cannot spell Tommorow. I mean, tomorrow.


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