Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm a liar. Yup. Life intervened and kept me from honoring the post-a-day pledge. I'm trying to let it go, but truth be told, I feel sort of crappy about it. I am stopping by early this holiday week to report the highlights of the past week. Make that weeks.

  • I took my girls on vacation by Mahself for a night until my two favorite college girls, Blair and Paigey came to keep us entertained. At first I thought that vacationing with two toddlers would suck, but the lack of suck was a pleasant surprise. They still were, you know, toddlers, but not shitty ones. They had fun, watched movies, played with toys and swam in the resort pool. The bonus was coming home to Davey and the new cabinets he installed while we were gone. I would do this again.
  • I went down to Eugene to party like a rock star for my girl Devin's 30th birthday. She chartered a limo for her and her five favorite people (minus her 7 month old munchable baby, nom nom) for wine tasting. Five girls that don't get out that much+limo+4 wine tastings+5 bottles of champagne+5 hours of dancing+2 shots+6 cocktails=1 girl barfing in the driveway+1 girl peeing in the driveway+midnight call to my husband slurrily describing a dancing incident involving a strange man attempting to grind his wiener into my crack+almost getting arrested at Ross for public intoxication while being forced by a certain newly minted 30 year old who, incidentally had knocked over a rack of clothing and was unable to get off the floor at EFFING ROSS and doyouhearthemcallingsecurity? to buy a shirt that is at least two sizes two small because that girl? Not to be denied the sight of me in a tiny shirt. At least not on her birthday.

Not too bad for three girls who met 12 years ago and used to drink coors light instead of food until we got kidney infections.

Not my proudest moment, but this was just prior to the EFFING ROSS incident. Do you see the laser lights in the ceiling? That is what I call Big Pimpin. Also? Hello double chin. How you doin'?

  • Also? We got a puppy. His name is Fred and he is cute. The next person who tells me that it is a bad idea gets cut.


Blogger blairthebarbie said...

HEY GUUUURL! Welcome back to the internet! :)

You inspire me... I think I may go write on my blog...

I like your post! I'm glad we register as your favorite college girls!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

Puppies are never a bad idea. Puppies are the best thing ever.

7:41 PM  

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