Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2 Things

1. I just realized that the wholesome Tivo'ed Sesame Street episode that I had plugged Ruby into while I am working has ended and found her glued to a particularly disturbing Maury episode featuring one woman, one baby and six possible fathers, none of whom is proven to be the actual father.

2. Did you know that if you sincerely tell your husband that you don't want to do anything for your 30th birthday because you are depressed about the economy and amount of work you have to do that:

a. He will take you literally and actually not plan anything for your birthday


b. Your depression will shift seismically from "woe is the world, lets all dig a bomb shelter and buy canned goods" to " Where's my cake, motherfucker?"


Blogger Kandace said...

I pulled the same, Oh I don't want to do anything for my 30th just a few weeks ago. Sorry your husband isn't fluid in stressedmom-ese.


8:29 AM  

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