Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day

Dear Goldie,

Today was your first day of preschool. I don't think that any milestone has been full of as many feelings for me as this one. Watching you walk in with your little backpack stuffed with supplies and crayons almost caused my heart to burst wide open. I think, however, rather than waxing poetic with inadequate generic descriptions about my feelings, I will give you a glimpse of the reality of this transition.

Yesterday was a rough one, Goldie. We drove home from Idaho and you decided to voice your displeasure at riding in the car. For almost eight hours you voiced this displeasure. Your voice? It was loud. The tantrum was so intense that we had to pull over and break our No Wal-Mart Rule to purchase a new car seat that you could not escape from because, well, you kept escaping.
While we were there I thought that I might as well pick up your school supplies. I pretty much remembered the list and had fun picking out items.

When we arrived home I checked the list and saw I had bought some of the wrong things and because no child of mine is going unprepared on the first day of school, I headed back to the Dreaded Walmart to return and re-purchase. This was a mistake. I won't go into the specifics for fear of flashbacks, but I will say that I never pictured myself digging through a return bin at 9:45 pm the night before school started, fighting with other mothers and children for the last glue stick and coming home without pencils because they were out of pencils. Yes. You heard right. Walmart was out of pencils.

This morning went fairly smooth and your teacher later told me that you did great. Things didn't go badly until I went to pick you up and you were so out of it tired that you actually hit me. Bad idea. Then you screamed like a caged animal for over an hour until you finally collapsed and gave in to sleep. Reluctantly.

When you woke up we had a few precious moments to ourselves and you curled up in my lap and told me about your day. Your friends. Even the girl who obviously doesn't like you is, to you, your friend. Please keep your innocence a little while longer, baby. You are growing up fast enough. I'm just holding on tight and trying to enjoy the ride.




Blogger Molly said...

Goldie is such a big girl! Time really flies! We should definitely get together for a playdate at some point soon.

10:54 PM  
Blogger hoppytoddle said...

Just wanted to let you know I have a SCAR on my upper arm where mah mid BIT me when I tried to take her back to school after last Christmas. Yeah. ALmost a year ago.


& where's the posts, ladeee??

You out there participatin in those business dealings?

10:05 PM  

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