Friday, August 01, 2008

3 years

Dear Goldie,

Welcome to your 3rd year. Being your mom is the most incredible thing I have ever done. Watching you grow and learn and have so much fun discovering your world makes me realize that you and your sister are the most amazing gifts I will ever have in my life.

Quirky, spunky, unflappable and strong willed are the words that best describe you. After all this time I am finally realizing that you are a tiny replica of myself and that you just march to the beat of your own little drummer. Who cares if you wear polka dots with floral print? I am realizing that what matters is that you are the only one who truly knows what is right for you. I say a little prayer every day that I will have the wisdom and courage to let you be your wonderful little self and not try to stifle your jubilant nature.

You already have a way with words. When I asked you what you thought of the bats that we saw at the zoo you answered " I think that the bats at the zoo were quite offensive." Really? Or was that the word that you overheard me saying in regards to the odor of the bat cave? I really need to watch what I say, you are listening. I don't think I will ever tire of hearing you say that you have a smell in your nose or a noise in your ear. My favorite remains you referring to yourself as a "Hot mess." Stinker.

People always say how smart their kids are. They don't know that I have bred the smartest one of all. Against my heart's desire to keep you home with me forever, you started preschool today. You were so ready and I think it would be a mistake to have held you back any longer.

Goldie, you are an amazing child. You crack me up and in the next moment make me want to put you on the curb with a free sign. I have never seen a child more capable than you. You have been doing "chores" for about 6 months and you truly are a help, setting the table, holding the dustpan, handing me diapers for Sissy and putting trash liners in. You can brush your teeth, potty, fully dress yourself and seem ready, willing and able to do anything. I love that about you. Also, you may not know this, but your little sister's name is not actually Sissy.

You are the best big sister in the world, teaching Ruby the ropes and always being there to share your toys and snacks while handing out big sister hugs and kisses.

In short, I adore you. I am so lucky to be your mama. You rock.




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