Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now with less vacation!

Greetings! Do I look tan? Oh. I guess you're right, burnt would be the more accurate description, but oh well. We arrived safe and sound after a l o n g flight where I was convinced that our plane would be reduced to a crumpled pile of wreckage and doom after a particularly rough patch of turbulance. Also? Dirty stares from fellow passengers upon their discovery that I was in possesion of two small children who could go off at any time and destroy their enjoyment of a heartwarming movie about the love between a man and a cute child starring The Rock. Awesome.

Some random things you should know:
  • If you are going to travel abroad and hire a nanny, be sure that your child and the nanny speak the same language. Otherwise your child may begin to exhibit signs of frustration and confusion that may include: Not Eating, Not Sleeping and EATING YOUR SOUL.
  • We took showers on Saturday morning before we left Mexico. Our next showers took place today. Today is Tuesday. We are filthy, dirty pigs.
  • Ruby's sleep is still for crap. She has decided that if sleeping means being Not Held for more than 1.72 seconds then she would prove to us that she can go All Night Long.
  • While vacations are lovely, it is so very, very nice to be home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home Kirsten, I have enjoyed you blog and your bravery in taking your kids to Mexico at many times on your own. Now you are back to what a real winter is don't worry your burn, tan whatever you want to call it will be gone soon.
I actually found a slug on my kitchen floor today! Maybe it was in grieving for the mouse we killed the other day. Nothing wants to be outside these days!! In case you wonder who this is I am stitch and bitch Lisa, I can't believe your adorable children are anything but that! Hugs

1:54 PM  
Blogger Kian said...

Welcome home!!!

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Cathy Hastings said...

Ahh yes. So much stress from vacations sometimes! I always feel better when I hit the front door of my own house!

2:36 PM  

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