Monday, October 01, 2007


As I mentioned a couple months ago, I recently made a personal conversion from Stay at Home Mama to Work at Home Mama. The difference is surprisingly.....big. I had been toying with the idea for awhile, but was content hanging out with my kids, eating bon bons and having swarthy young men fan me with unusually large feathers until the the right thing came along that I could do from home.

And come along, it did. Literally fell into my lap. A conversation at a play date with old friends, over passion tea with vodka and some rowdy toddlers fighting over a Cinderella tea set later, I was offered a job. It took me awhile to get into the swing of things and dig out 20 hours from my week, but now I've got the hang of it. I bust my chops two days a week and send Goldie to daycare with Nina the Russian to eat borscht by the bucket and duke it out with tiny Ukrainian kids and learning how to share the hard way. Then I try to do an hour a night after dinner while Davey bathes and reads to Goldie and I finish up in time to sing Jesus Loves Me a few times. I work a few more hours over the weekend and call it a day.

I feel so self-conscious about working at home sometimes because I keep thinking that since I am on my own to get the work done and totally am wearing pajamas while I do it, that people must assume that I am slacking. I try to work extra hard to prove that I am not screwing around and in the beginning I was rushing too much and making mistakes. These days I take a deep breath, and do the best I can. I know I am S L O W at the amount of work I get done, but I want so much to do it right because it would be really, really embarrassing to disapoint someone whom I rode scooters with and shamelessly invited myself over to her house because she HAD THE BIG TRAMPOLINE OMG in grade school and I know she needs the work done right (Hi Tami!).

I like my job. I am so grateful to have one. It's not rocket science but it keeps my mind moving and it is really nice to think about things other than sippy cups and boobs sometimes. And my boss (and friend!) Tami, is so great. When I pulled in to drop off my little stack of work this morning she busted out the most awesome puzzle book for Goldie. It even came with a CD! For me to learn nursery rhymes! Do you know the words to Bah Bah Black sheep? I DO, SUCKA! Like I said, Tami rocks.

Just another working mama. That's me.


Anonymous Lori said...

Can I ask what you do at home? I would LOVE to work from home. BTW I got your link from JUJUBEE. My e-mail is

Thank you

8:02 PM  

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