Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beach Time: A Photo Essay

We got into town late after fighting Friday traffic and lots of potty stops. We worked on getting the girls into bed. They worked on stalling. Goldie thought she saw a piece of chicken in between Roob's bony plate and stepped in to assist.

Macaroni and cheese served, children tucked into bed, and several tantrums later, Mindy and I decided it was time to hit the Chianti.
After the wine worked it's magic and we had fallen asleep in our respective beds, the girls had other ideas. See: up all night; sleep deprivation as a torture method.
It was one of those rare, magic sunny days at the beach and Goldie got to see the ocean for the first time. She decided that it was much larger than the white noise machine she sleeps with had led her to believe.
Mama decided it was time for Goldie to know what the real ocean was and when I say real ocean, I mean, the NW coast. Cold. Wet. Miserable.
Helping my baby discover her world for the first time: Priceless.

***We will not be discussing the bedbug infestation that my bed in the motel suffered from. Nor will we mention the bites from head to toe, even after I brought MY OWN FREAKING BLANKET AND PILLOW, possibly involving The Lady Garden that resulted. I am far too shy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the weekend was full of the priceless memories! Bed bugs??
Mindy...Awww! What a sweetie!

We missed you at the Luau...twas fun had by all!

:) love Er-ca

9:33 AM  

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