Sunday, September 30, 2007

6 Months

Dear Ruby,

I had wanted to celebrate your 6 months on this earth by finally writing out the story of your birth. Unfortunately, I had actual work that pays shiny dollars to attend to and so it isn't quite yet complete. Hopefully it will be done soon because it is something that I want to do just right so that you can always know each gory detail of exactly how painful and miserable it was to bring you into this world and take solace in the knowledge that if you ever bring further pain and misery, I will indeed, take you out of it.

Six months. Wow. You are such an amazing Little Pumpkin Face. Every day I take a snapshot of you in my mind and file it away under: Amazing, Ruby M. Your fussiness is now predictable and it is so much easier to calm you down. I must admit that when I hear you screaming your little heart out with someone else and then I rescue you and the tears stop, my heart melts a little.

You will.not.take.a.bottle. Under any circumstances. I've tried breast milk in a playtex, formula in a dr. browns and liquid gold with angels and Jesus Christ himself in a dollar store cheapie and it is just not happening. It's ok. Secretly I love the fact that only mama will do. I really, really love it.

Life has changed so much since you figured out the whole grasping shiny toys concept. You no longer loathe the car as much because I can give you a toy like a duck, giraffe, or perhaps the empty Teddy Grahams package and you are content for quite awhile.

Ruby Mae, you are a drama queen. I don't mean to hurt your feelers, but I am your mother and it is my job to make you face ugly truths about yourself sometime. I promise that not being held for five seconds so mama can finally pee because she has been holding it for three hours already and ran out of Depends so that she can be at your service, will not, in fact, cause you bodily harm. Being changed instead of being fed first will not, in fact, actually kill you as you have been led to believe. No one is trying to murder you at 3:45 a.m. , it is just mama moving a little slowly to get your demands met.

You are such a joy to me. Sometimes my love for you fills my heart so much that I think it might burst. I am so proud that you are mine, little girl with the hundred year old soul who is at least half eyes. Every day with you is a gift and I pray I have a million more to share with you.



Anonymous Andy said...

Happy six months!

My heart melts a little when only mama will do, too.

10:27 PM  
Blogger melodyann said...

That was just. too. sweet. I'm half in love with Ruby Mae myself. What a mama she has...

3:40 AM  
Blogger Kian said...

Ruby loves you like Connor loves me and it is so great!

Except when it's bedtime and you realize that you haven't peed all day because of the baby!

1:22 PM  

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