Monday, September 17, 2007

Make-o Mistake-o

Dear Best Friend of my Mother,

Just a note to say that I am so very, very sorry that I decided to send you the link to this little blog after it was brought to my attention that you were interested.

I am an idiot who suffers from poor judgment and possibly multiple head injuries.

You are a very special person in my life whom I consider to be family. Since I only get to see you once a year or so, this blog is not the impression of me that I was hoping you would hold close to your heart. The fact that you have probably, by now, ingested pages and pages of my incessant drivel laced with every conceivable polite word/F-bomb combination and the fecal follies makes me sort of, well, horrified.

I have to go now and contemplate creative ways to avoid eye contact next time I see you.

Love you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear darling girl,

Please don't apologize! I LOVE reading your thoughts and adventures! (Even though I did gasp a time or two!) You are so very special to me and and I would not want you to ever be anything other than your dear sweet self! It is all of these beautiful things about you Kirsten that keeps you close to my heart. It is endearing to see how in love you are with your beautiful family (poop, binkys and all!)

"I love you forever and like you for always,,,"

12:30 PM  
Blogger Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...


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