Sunday, September 09, 2007

We can't possibly be this lame

Or, How I Spent My Friday Night. A camera phone essay.

Good Friend Mindy gave me a call on Friday as she was leaving work to see if we had dinner plans. We did not have anything beyond the usual shoveling of some food-type microwaved crap eaten in the dungeon that is functioning as a meal station into our gaping throats planned. And tantrums. We jumped at the chance to meet up at a local Mexican joint where Goldie ate approximately 5 lbs of chips because we are all about The Healthy.
The grownups were busy talking about important adult-type things like porn and crack pipes when the baby started crying. Goldie did what any good big sister would do, she gave her The Finger.
I was no where near done shoveling in The Giant Mexican Meal That Ate My House, so I broke all of my normal thou shalt not show strangers your hooters rule and whipped it out. So glad that Good Friend Mindy also whipped out her camera phone to document.
Home Depot was the natural next stop. I didn't have enough indigestion after all the salsa so I figured that picking out fixtures was a sure way to ensure heartburn until Sunday.
Good Friend Mindy is a great child entertainer. If you do not have a Good Friend Mindy, then I suggest you head to the shower section of your local Home Depot and pick one up.

Not pictured were the Giant Cookies of Fat Thighs that were consumed after we got home. Because, you know, we're not fat enough already. That is why we have skinny friends. We carry them around in our pockets with their small pants and tiny, emaciated rib cages. They are a constant reminder to remember to eat more brownies.
And that is how I spent my Friday night. In another life I considered Friday night to be the Holy Grail of all days. The night of fun and possibilities and quite likely, hard liquor. These days were are in bed by 10 p.m. and happy to have left the house at all. Wow. I totally can't believe I just admitted that.
I still think that this was a better choice for a post than the planned "Saturday Morning or How we grabbed our ankles at Verizon and still couldn't even walk out with the hottest phone of 2004." You are really glad I spared you.


Blogger katydidnot said...

your blog is good, have no idea how i happened upon it. i have already forgotten. to help friday night was dinner of buttered pasta, watermelon and canned green beans, tivo'd young and the restless (yeah, that's right) and on line trivia. my nerd cup runneth over.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

That sounds like a fun evening to me! At least you went out... lol.

6:13 AM  

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