Monday, September 17, 2007

Above Average

We are not small people anywhere you want to look. We are big, sturdy people. Davey, in particular suffers from The Giant Hands. (Note to self: Should totally be wedding photographer in spare time)

And The Giant Hands, they require a Giant Pencil. You would think that they could come up with a more manly name for these Giant Pencils other than calling them My First Ticonderoga. Sheesh.
****Special thanks to Davey for interrupting his frantic trying to get out of the damn house and get to work, so his wife could take pictures of his giant paws and make fun of something he totally can't help in front of the entire Internet. Thanks Honey.


Blogger melodyann said...

Awww, Davey and his First Ticonderoga...

brings tears of joy to my eyes...

5:59 AM  

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