Monday, July 18, 2005

Many people say that one of the best things about living in Oregon is that it is relatively cool (read rainy and miserable) for most of the year. And this has been a year more miserable than most. But when the sun comes out, all of the pastey people that have been hibernating all year long crawl out of there hovels to behave like absolute freaks. We are experiencing an extreme "heat wave", alright so it creeped above 90, but compared to our normal 60 degree weather it is extreme enough to warrant a special section on the news "Heat wave '05, will we be able to survive?" incredible.

One side effect the heat does have on pregnant folks (namely me) is is that the swelling greatly increases. We got lucky last night and my husband called his friends that have a pool at their house and snagged us an invite. The water felt SO GOOD! I paddled my big tuckus around for a couple hours and never felt so relaxed. I think I might dig up my long-forgotten gym membership and head to the pool today. I have a big pink swimsuit that I am finding makes my belly look so enormous that it dwarfs my gigantic legs. I swear I get more attractive by the moment.

a tender moment for my unborn daughter:

Dear Goldie,
I know that things are getting a bit cramped in there. I have done as you instructed and subsisted on cocoa pebbles and english muffins so that you could grow up big and strong on artificially vitamin fortified processed food. Would you do one thing for me please? Either move on to the outside, or cease stomping on my intestines. It is really starting to hurt. Thanks a lot. Mom


Anonymous Nuwanda said...

Wow, a pool sounds wonderful about now. Enjoy a good swim for me, since I am pool-less and too huge to get into a bathing suit. Here in Indiana, it's been super hot too, which like you said is bad for swelling. Thank God for A/C and frozen cokes! :-)

8:21 AM  

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