Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All in a days work.

When the sun shines in Oregon in April, it is a special kind of gift. For those that live in warm climates, I offer you, with no ill will, The Finger. We Oregonians wait for nearly as long as it takes to grow a fully formed HUMAN for the opportunity to walk outside and not get soaked.

So. It's sunny! And I decided to save the earth by purchasing a clothes line. Am wonderful mother and role model to dozens! I have learned many lessons about the use of clothes lines. The first being not to hang giant jeans on a line that is not well secured or your carefully tended clothes will have to be rewashed thus canceling out any energy savings you might have incurred.

On another note, I had my post-op appointment today and the doc regaled me with tales of how disgusting my tonsils were and that the reason I am still in pain is that there was "considerable scar tissue" from years of a deep bacterial infection and the dissection to remove said Sponges of Bacteria was "quite complete." I am also ready to report a fabulous side effect of losing the tonsils: The bad breath and taste in my mouth from the past 3 years? IS GONE! I am no longer flossing in vain! Pucker up Davey, Mama's back. But, unfortunately, Mama is now too tired.

Try again next week.


Blogger mommy~dearest said...

SO glad I read this while eating my lunch. ;)

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