Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm not dead and an Open Letter

Dear Kirsten,

Hi! Sorry it's taken so long for us to sit down and get this off to you, but we wanted to let you remind you of that one time, you know, always? When you were so sure that you had everything handled? The smug way you walked around making "wise decisions" based on "professional advice" and how you were feeling so "secure" well, it sort of pissed us off.

In response to this over-developed sense of well-being it has been decided that it is time for you to experience what life is like on the other side. Good luck and we look forward to kicking you in the teeth while you are down.


The Economy, Karma and Murphy's Law

The past just say for the last effing-while, for simplicity sake, have, for lack of a better word: Blown.

Without boring you with the details that are many and confusing and also VERY BORING, I will sum up my life in bullet points:

  • Colds. Lots of them. The end.
  • 3 year old child behaves like 3 year old.
  • Rain.
  • Youngest child turns two. Child's mother faces existential crisis whose central theme is: They're pretty cute and all, but the whining? In stereo? Constantly? Is this my life now? Huh.

Coming soon:

Adult Tonsillectomy, Could it Really be Worse Than Giving Birth, and if Not, Why Does my Doctor Keep Saying That?

Stay tuned.


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