Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Big Girls

Last weekend was one of those rare gems where you look at your life and catch a glimpse of everything that you have been blessed with. Chez Davey hit the road and ventured down to Depoe Bay, a darling beach town that I wish that someone would have told me that when they said "beach" they meant "giant rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean with shear drops that want to murder your children.

We stayed at one of our timeshare network and as always, the condo was perfect and much nicer than the hovel that we live in the rest of the year. We decided to take a chance to let Goldie try out the big girl bed (mattress on the floor and stern warnings of "No monkeying around") and have Ruby in the pack and play in the same room. It was magic. They fell asleep giggling with each other and when they woke up there was a long while of girly sisterly fun sounds. We will be moving them into one room to share before September.

I thought that I would be heartbroken when we left the newborn and baby phase of our life, but it isn't turning out that way. These girls are growing up a team to be reckoned with. No more nursing and up all night.

Last night Davey took Goldie out to water their father daughter summer project of sunflowers and left Ruby inside. I actually saw her heart break. She just stood there, shaking with huge tears pointing at the door they had left through as if she were trying to say "HEY GUYS! I'M HERE! THERE MUST BE SOME MISTAKE" I couldn't take it.

My girls are growing up before my eyes and it is taking my breath away.


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