Friday, July 25, 2008

Play it again, and again

A short check in to say that although I have still not gotten my shit together to write actual blog posts due to Big! Summer! Fun! and you should really be doing the Twitter thing, because I am sending out brief, boring snippets of my boring life several times per day over there.

I will just briefly say that seeing James Taylor live never gets old as he proved tonight. Great seats and great music. I totally rocked out with my you know what out and seriously am beginning to believe that I am physically unable to like music that is less than 30 years old. If JT was a drug, I would inject him into my veins daily.

Also? Coming home to the sounds of a screaming, teething baby? Totally harshes my mellow.


Blogger Molly said...

I concur on JT - the best concert I've ever been to was JT at the Gorge Amphitheater... with U2 as a close second...

1:38 PM  

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