Sunday, June 08, 2008

The bad disease Part Deux

The Herpes continue to wreak havoc at Chez Davey. I am told that all children respond to illness and pain differently. If when they say differently they mean that they turn into screaming, tantruming evil ankle biters whom, judging by their tear stained cheeks and frowny scowls, may be plotting to perpetrate some kind of a kinder sized coup. That's different alright.

Help. This is threatening my very sanity and why can't she curl up in a ball with a blankie and watch Sesame Street like a normal human and eat the ice cream I bought her instead of making me want to put her in the yard with a free sign? The dr. says this may take 10 days to clear up. I know she is hurting as her gums are still swollen and they said there are giant open lesions in her throat (yum), but why won't she just wave a white flag, say ouchie and EAT SOME FUCKING ICE CREAM ALREADY.


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