Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Weekend

Tomorrow we are off to the big family reunion in Colorado. We are flying with my sister and her kids. And my mom. And everything we own. That is 5 kids 4 and under+5 adults+5:30 in the morning=omfg what were we thinking. David has not met my extended family so that is sort of a big deal. And when I say big deal I mean that I have been freaking out day and night for the past two weeks trying to think of how I am going to handle it when Davey accidentally drops and F-bomb in front of Aunt Della and how I will bring her out the shock induced coma that will surely result.

I sent the girls to daycare for the day so I could shop for some last minute clothes. After cleaning out the Dollar Store for lead coated toys for the kids to suck on during our flight, I bought Tiny T-shirts at Old Navy in size XL and Skinny Capri's at Lane Bryant, because I am complicated.

My trusty laptop will be with me so I can blog my little heart out. Also? Please don't come to my house and rob us while we are gone. Besides, I totally pawned the family jewels for the plane tickets so we don't have anything else you'd want.

Have a great weekend!


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