Sunday, May 18, 2008

Night Out

Last night we went out to celebrate our friend Erica's birthday. Most of us have small children and Thank The Sweet Baby Jesus that one of us has grown children who would rather take care of our kids than swill vodka. We started out at a BBQ joint that also has a full bar and fun music and brought the kids along. That is where our children morphed into BBQ Babies and ate their weight in ribs and beans.

We ended up at our friend Tanya's house and set up the pack and plays while her girls somehow got mine to sleep while I threw back some more wine because, dude, I don't get out much.

Goldie ended up crashing there and when I picked her up this morning I asked her what she ate for breakfast. "Butt Licks," she said. "Breakfast?" I asked. " No, mama. BUTT LICKS." uh, sure. So I later found out that it was BUCKWHEAT that she had eaten. "Golds, it was BUCK-WHEAT, you ate." "I know, mama, I told you I had BUTT LICKS!"


Blogger superior specimen said...

You know, someday, I will swill that vodka with you... but I'll happily divide my time between swilling... maybe a fruitier drink than vodka... and watching the girls.

I LAUGHED SOOO HARD ABOUT THE BUTT LICKS THING! Of course, if anyone would serve a breakfast slightly akin to Butt Licks, it would be my mom. I'm just sorry I slept in too late to hear that little gem.

6:01 PM  

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