Thursday, February 28, 2008

The one with alternate titles

I couldn't decide between calling this post Ruby and the Angry Ounce or Rage Against the Milk Machine. In either case I have two short stories.

Last week we went in to see exactly how much milk Roob is getting when she nurses. And! At that particular feeding it was......ONE GLORIOUS OUNCE! And I wonder why she nurses on the hour. I know that she gets a lot more than that at night and in the morning, but DUDE. An ounce. Yeah. But she is gaining weight like a champ on all those White Foods.

Because of the aforementioned OUNCE situation, last night when she woke up because her teethies were hurting again, I had a stroke of brilliance. She might drink some milk from a sippy! And also my thighs may not be as fat as I thought! And I have unicorns under my pillow! I showed her the cup, she took one sip and then did that thing that babies do when they FREAK OUT where she choked, spit, gagged and burped before the hissing started. I had never seen someone so small get so pissed off. It was a sight to behold.

Then I gave her the boob and she slept 8 hours.

The End.


Blogger Faerie Mom said...

hehehehehe I always love reading your posts about boobs and nursing. It makes me get all warm and giggly. Cause it sounds just like my house! LOL. Question: What are your thoughts on weaning? WHen do you plan to do it? I am trying to decide about this subject and thought you might have some insite...

10:31 PM  
Blogger Kandace said...


Dying at the mention of milk from a cup. My 18 month will scream.all.night.long. if I do not relinquish the boobs on demand. Good luck! Hope operation weight check is going well.

8:02 PM  

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