Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Eats

I sort of got in trouble at Roob's last well baby check up. You see....the baby? She does not weigh very much. In fact she had only gained a couple of ounces over several months. And in length? Nada. zilch. zip. Since OCTOBER. Fortunately my pediatrician is not the type of person to go batshit crazy over numbers when looking at a child who has rolls on her rolls Her tiny, underweight rolls. She recommended periodic monitoring.

And that is how Operation PiƱata Baby got started. She eschewed most everything we showed her at first, which is PRECISLY how she stopped gaining weight. We would offer food, but because we weren't going to get all up in her gummy grill about it when she was all, where's my boob, yo? We didn't push it. I also had made the mistaken assumption that breastmilk changes for the better as the baby gets older. Oh? What's that you say? You mean to tell me that by ten months breastmilk is mostly a carrier of antibodies with very little fat or calories? That she needs to be getting those things from food now? Fuckity fuck. So sorry my skinny little chickadee, your mother is totally unfit.

These days you can find Roob shoveling in tons of food. As long as that food is white or yellow. Bananas, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and most recently, navy bean soup by the fistful.

Bring it on Weight Check, we're ready.


Blogger Lesley said...

Babies come in all shapes and sizes...my boys are very different from each other. My nephew is also very petite. He's 14 months and wears pants that my oldest son wore at 3 months and my youngest son wore at 6 months.
It's crazy!
As long as she's making her milestones it should all be good!

10:27 PM  

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