Monday, February 11, 2008

Checking in With Google

It's been two long months since we've checked in with Google. Too long I think.

Big Hairy Bear Mama Stylist-Are you sure that she is the one you really want?

yeast in beer yellow poop-I could totally tell you a long gross story here, but I have a lot of self control. And it was green.

I am pregnant with bad cramps a big ball-Hmmm. Time to call a doctor?

she pooped her pants porn-Because sick fucks search the internet.

prunes poop diaper-Much preferable to prunes poop on your lap.

zit goatee-So glad that I am bringing this look back.

most expensive playing cards-Send me an email. I will help you come up with a better gift idea.

10 lb. boobs-Try 20.

sissy locked in plastic pants-We are actually thinking of locking them up in a more chastity belt type device. We hear that plastic can rip.

Milky Reign Lactation-Because I am the Queen.

My boob fell out-Which time? My boobs fall a lot of places these days.

Heavy Duty Mama Porn-Are you sure that the world is ready for that?

Also? To the guy in PUNTA GORDA FLORIDA searching for Goldie's Panties. If you come here via that search again I will send your IP address to the FBI. Just to make sure.


Blogger Jen said...

most of these made me snort-giggle. But that last bit? That stuff creeps me out. I always wonder who is checking out the pics of my kids, etc. Creeps.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Faerie Mom said...

Ha. I just posted that last comment under my DD's name. Cause I forgot to log her out. So... how do you find all of this stuff out anyway??

4:56 PM  

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