Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sick Day

Both of my children and myself have come down with a cold so crappy that it has threatened the last remaining shreds of hygeine that we are currently maintaining. Goldie gets a sniffle now and again, but she has never been actually sick. Until yesterday. Poor thing was so confused and out of it that I declared a Sick Day. We stayed in our jammies, drank juice and watched Sesame Street. I still don't get, however, how children still want to play even though they feel like dookie. When I feel sick I want nothing more than to lie still, watch t.v. and then, depending on the severity of the malady, die. Not my kids. They whine, cry, refuse medicine and run around. WTF. I must help them discover the joy that is the Sick Day.

Looks like I will get another chance today.


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