Monday, June 06, 2005

Things I never thought I would do

So, this was a HUGE weekend for us. After finally retiring my old 1989 Tercel with 200k miles last fall in favor of a tricked out turbo Beetle, it has come to my attention that my super-fly mobile is not suitable for babe transport. I wanted a Highlander, or a pacifica, or a Mercedes. But I didn't like the $700 or so a month payments that would entail. So what did we do? Oh yes people, you heard it here first. I bought a mini-van. Holy Crap. A mini-van. I swore my whole life I would never do this to myself. All it hurt was my ego. I don't even know why I feel such a stigma, I am not even going to be driving it much as I kept my cool car and am making Davey drive it. Wow. Motherhood is changing me already I think.

The other cool purchase of the weekend is a super-cool front-loading stacking washer/dryer. I think I can wash my whole wardrobe in one load. I am psyched!!


Blogger Amy said...

Congrats on the new purchases...I would love to get those new stackable washer/dryers. And hey, I know alot of people hate buying a minivan, but I love Course, the next time around I might go for an SUV...much cooler! lol

6:50 PM  
Blogger LittleRazz said...

Tsk tsk. No baby yet and already a mini van. I drive a CR-V. It's all I could take.

However, I think the frontloading washer really makes up for it. I LOVE those things. So cool. Every time you see a snooty driver (like me) looking at you sideways for driving a mini-van, you should roll down your window and tell him/her, "Yeah but I have a front loading washer! So ha!"

1:16 PM  

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