Sunday, May 29, 2005

Look at me...doin' stuff!

So I am so impressed with myself. Although I never experienced the "burst of energy" in any trimester so far, I finally feel human enough to do a couple things around the house. It is funny that Davey is so used to me doing zero that he is super impressed when I do anything productive. This is week 3 in a row that I have done all the laundry! I don't fold (lets not get crazy here) but I do wash, dry and put in the folding station. I also now do the grocery shopping which means I definitely deserve a nap.

I am so stoked that Davey has decided to stop housework and work on the rental for the day today. We are going to visit friends and go to my step-mother's for a BBQ. I am so excited and I think it will be good for him to have a day off. Tommorow will be wild as we are watching the nephs, I think I will post some pics of them cause they are so damned cute!


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