Friday, March 07, 2008


At the risk of becoming The Illness Blog, I must tell you that our family has fallen ill to yet another cold, this one not quite as severe as the last. I thought I was going to beat the rest of the colds this year because of all The Vegetables and The Garlic Pills. Bahh. Because I have time on my hands, I started a chart and it is clear that we were well for less than 14 days before this one came. Obviously God hates us.

Also? I am totally walking around the house with bits of Kleenex shoved up each nostril because I NEED 30 SECONDS WITHOUT BLOWING MY NOSE OK?

Stop looking at me like that.


Blogger Lottifish said...

Ugh, I know what you mean! I'm in a play this weekend and I'm going to have to do my part with kleenex up my nose. Maybe I can make it seem like part of the character...

11:37 AM  
Blogger Faerie Mom said...

Ok. Here is my solution. I use Healthy Relief Cold Reduce lozenges. Totally homeopathic, shortens the cold AND relieves your symptoms. The past 3 times I have started to get a cold I have used these. And never got beyond the very barest sniffles. I swear by them. I get them at WalMart but I am sure you can find them elsewhere. I think they also have a Flu Reduce one too. But I havent tried that yet. I truly suggest tryingt hese out. Really.

Hope you feel better soon!

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Adrienne said...

I swear by Airborne - you drop one in a glass of water at the first hint of a cold and it usually zaps it. They sell Airborne at grocery stores, Target, WalMart, etc. and I'm sure there are generic versions. It's basically a super-dose of vitamins, etc. developed by a teacher who kept getting sick from all of her students. Not sure that it's recommended for the little ones but at least it could help the grown-ups. Seriously, I've never heard of a family that gets sick so much! Feel better soon!

7:43 PM  

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