Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still here. Still scratching.

And now for a special report from Scabie Central: Scabies Sucks! More in depth coverage at the top of the hour.

Telling people that you have scabies is sort of like saying that although you may not have been the first to smell it, you are the person, however, who dealt it. Oh My God. We went to a 3 year old birthday party today and I had to suck it up and call the host (Hi Katy!) and was all "Hi. About the party. Yeah, well, we had scabies but we shouldn't be contagious. Can we still come?" Good times. But the party was great, complete with bounce house and toddler attitude. Afterwards we stopped by another party goers house who has a Big and Tall men's clothing business and dropped some cash so Davey can be comfortable in Mexico next month. Those of you who know us for reals know that Davey is both Big and Tall and so finding fashionable clothes can be a challenge. Then while he went to try on clothes in their bathroom, there he found Goldie furiously trying to clean up the floor that she had most obviously pooped on. Hi people we barely know! So sorry about the pile of shit on your floor! Holy God you can't take us anywhere.


Blogger Faerie Mom said...


Your girls could give my boys a run for their money as far as making you crazy. LOL

Been there with the scabies. No fun. Try no to scratch!

10:01 AM  

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