Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Greetings. I've missed you. I barely recognize you, you look so good! Did you bleach your mustache? Good choice, it was getting a little darkish on the grow out there. Lots going on here at Chez Davey. I attended an annual gathering of friends where there is much wine and festiveness and also a brutal battle of wits and ornaments where the winner gets to take home an amazingly awesome ornament with which to make their holiday bright, and the losers? Well, they also get awesome ornaments.And also, they may or may not get somewhat drunk. After a trivial, but intense round of ornament stealing (I'm looking at you and the Heirloom Santa, Katy) I ended up with perhaps the cutest one of all:

Also, Holly? Those are Mulling Spices, not Mullet Spices. Two altogether different things.

We also attended a playdate with our cousins Jaxson and Jayden. Yes you are seeing double, they are identical and no, I totally can't tell them apart. We made Gingerbread Houses, and when I say Gingerbread House, I mean graham crackers and frosting with M&M's. It was fun. Especially for the person who decided that we needed at least a pound of M&Ms just in case and then got to spend naptime drinking them out of a measuring cup. Not that I would know.

Posting will be light and sporadic until next week as I am frantically getting ready for another beach getaway on Thursday where I again will leave my toddler in the capable hands of her father and whisk away a friend for three nights of booze and gossip. And also Ruby. There's always Ruby. Luckily she's small and can't talk so our secrets will be safe with her.


Anonymous Andy said...




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Blogger Kaylie Rae said...

Kaylie wants her PIG back! When is the next playdate? Your house, before Christmas? HAHAHAHA!!!!!

4:49 PM  

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