Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And I'm off!

After much panicking over getting my original reservations at my favorite beach resort cancelled after their incompetent staff called us whining something or rather about "hurricane force winds" and "we don't have power." We were re booked at a resort whose amenities indeed include running water and lights. I was briefly concerned that I might have an actual stroke with the flurry of activities in preparation. Some of these activities included actual movement and were not able to be performed while reading blogs so it was sort of a shock to my system. Understandably so.

I'm far from packed and ready to go, but I still have a few more hours left to procrastinate before I finally panic and end up with one clog, ten pairs of socks, floss and some shaving cream shoved into my suitcase and calling it good. Which is ridiculous because you know that I never remember to floss anyway. Tomorrow at this time I will be relaxing beachfront, watching the waves with a glass of Sangria in my hand. Or five. Did I mention that I'm bringing Barb the boob lady? Because seriously, I think Miss Manners has always said that a long weekend at the beach is the way you are supposed to show gratitude to your lactation consultant for all the advice regarding your hooters and you know that I am all about being proper.


Dear readers, I am going to test my limits and attempt to remain completely offline until I return on Sunday.

Hold me.


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