Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We made it! Thanks to Dramamine and good weather we got here in record time. So far we have only had time to eat a quick bite at Cafe Grandma where she served stew with a side of Thrilled We Are Here and was rewarded by having a toddler try to use her brittle hip bones as a trampoline.

Now we are back at the hotel where Operation Cry My Face Off was implemented by a very tired Ruby followed by Attack of the Not Listening courtesy of Goldie. But! All is well, one child is passed out and the other is talking to herself and giving me a moment of peace before I pass out.

Thanks to all who commented and emailed about Project Burning Lips, the Aquaphor is heavenly and the Lanisoh worked nicely too. My lips are beginning to reconsider a reconciliation with my face.

Thank God.


Anonymous Andy said...

Glad you made it and things are going (relatively) smoothly. Lansinoh is amazing stuff for quite a few different things.

Hope you and your famiy have a wonderful holiday!

9:46 AM  

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