Sunday, November 18, 2007

Grown Up

The holidays are drawing nigh. Somehow I figured that when I got married that rather than a blending of lives, I would sort of absorb Davey and he would just do what I say and shut up already. And he has. For three years. Three years of holidays without me asking what he would like to do. I'm still young after all and a young woman needs her mama. What is this you say? I am how old? I am now the mama? como se dice Selfish Wife? Holy shit. No one told me.

This year we decided that I would put away some of The Self Centered and do what Davey wants, because, who knew that when faced with a question such as "what should we do for the holidays?" That he would have an actual opinion? Something new every day. Did you know that he has an actual family? He also tells me that he has 'feelings' and 'will bleed if he is cut' but I am not convinced.

We will pack up our car (We are so leaving the Van of Copious Gas Consumption at home), parcel out the Dramamine and hit the road on Wednesday for a nice 6 hour drive that somehow adds 3 hours for each child which means make that a horrorsome (is that a word?) 12 hour drive in an economy car because we are cheap.

Pray for us.


Blogger melodyann said...

Oh you poor thing... Just wait till they are older, and the car trips get no better:

"Give me my ipod you fat bitch!"
"I don't HAVE your ipod, cocksucker!"
"MOM! She called me a cocksucker!!"
"Dude, don't call her a cocksucker... and shut up or I'll run this car off a fucking bridge."

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess we do have to start watching what we say in front of the girls. davey

4:43 PM  
Blogger melodyann said...

Davey, it won't matter, they'll learn it from somewhere, dude....

4:53 PM  

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