Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tiny Food Critics

I am certain that Ruby is going to subsist on nothing but chicken nuggets and Goldfish crackers by the time she is two, just because she won't do anything her sister does. That being said, having an adventurous eater has it's challenges too.

Things said during mealtime:

"You have already eaten at least two cups of sauerkraut and that is ENOUGH."
"Stop crying! Just because we are out of vegetable soup and cottage cheese, it is not sufficient reason to have a nervous breakdown."
"More broccoli please, mama?"
"I like soy milk."
"Do you want more garlic in your tofu scramble, Goldie?"

I know, I know it's weird.Don't worry because I am getting mine nowadays with The Other Child who after a week of eating sweet potato, red curry and coconut milk soup, has decided once again that if it doesn't come from a boob, it's not going to sully her digestive tract. I have decided to go against my natural tendency to go batshit insane and panic because SHE HATES EVERYTHING NORMAL BABIES EAT.

What is wrong with us?


Blogger shokufeh said...

If we didn't live in such starkly different parts of the country, I'd say we should get our kids together. We're always mildly amused and very thankful at MrMan's willingness to eat anything.

6:01 AM  

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